Foundation Coffee Roasters

With love in every package

Foundation Coffee

Our love for coffee began a long time ago. We tasted coffee in all corners of the planet, but we were still missing something, so we began trying to brew the perfect cup by hand, to ensure all proportions were perfectly maintained. After 10 years and tons of coffee beans, we finally found the flavor we had been longing for.

No "standard" bitter flavors!
We've learned to make each variety of bean in the package not offset the other, but complement it.

Specialty Coffee High Five

Inspired by the idea of the "third wave of coffee", we created a project called "High Five", which is made exclusively from the highest quality beans!

We only select the best lots from leading traders (with a scoring rate from 86 points). By evolving towards high-quality coffee, we hope to influence the entire coffee market in Ukraine and, perhaps, the world. The "High Five" coffee line is constantly participating in national and global championships, taking prize-winning places.

"High Five" coffee is the pride of the Foundation Coffee Roasters brand.