About us

Our history

Foundation Coffee Roasters company began its journey in Odesa in 2015.

It was established by the people who already possessed outstanding experience in coffee production by working in various coffee-making companies and by exploring the industry overseas. They nurtured a dream and inspiration to produce high-quality coffee for Ukrainian and European markets, restaurants and coffee places.

Our philosophy

The company's success is rooted in 6 different values the founders and the team uphold: quality, professionalism, teamwork, our client, and their needs and wishes. The year 2020 has tested our sense of responsibility. We put our utmost efforts in the following directions:

1. Sustainability as the new value to be kept at every step. We turned our focus on recyclable and self-degradable materials. Such experience is being gradually implemented into every aspect of the manufacturing process.
2. Having relied on quality at all times, we learned to pair it up with efficiency. Efficiency is our rightfully attained value, the lack of which would never let us get to where we are.