Coffee is about emotions, communication, and enjoyment...

"Let's go for coffee" - these words usually start all the most interesting things - love, friendship, and new projects.

Greetings! We are Foundation Coffee Roasters, a dedicated coffee roasting company based in Odesa. Since 2015, we have been passionately roasting coffee and perfecting our craft. Over the past 9 years, we have strived to create the finest quality coffee for our customers. 

Our journey began with a simple love for coffee and a small roastery. However, it quickly evolved into something more profound - an art form. To us, coffee is not just a beverage, but an artistic creation that requires inspiration. The roasting process is what truly brings out the unique flavors and enticing aromas of the beans. It is this attention to details that ensures your first sip of coffee will be an experience to savor and enjoy.


At Foundation, we have reached an exceptional level of expertise in the art of coffee bean roasting. However, we are constantly striving for improvement, pushing ourselves to be better every single day.

With the guidance of our experts, top-of-the-line equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and our own unique roasting and bean selection methods, we are able to create exclusive flavor profiles that are truly unmatched. Every day, we find inspiration in the people we encounter, from our dedicated suppliers to our loyal customers.

Together, we embark on exciting adventures in the world of coffee, forming a community of coffee enthusiasts who share our love for this remarkable beverage.
Our ultimate goal is to deliver impeccable product quality. Whether you're enjoying our coffee at home or in a café, you will instantly recognize the unmistakable taste of Foundation.


Specialty coffee is an exceptional drink —distinctive, unique, crafted for true coffee connoisseurs.

It is certain to captivate your taste receptors and leave a lasting impression. It transcends the ordinary, embodying a genuine culture and ritual.

Specialty represents an elite variety of Arabica. Only 10% of the world's coffee production is deemed specialty, making it truly limited and precious. The hallmark of specialty coffee lies in its distinctive flavor. This is no mere comparison; the taste of this coffee varies from year to year, influenced by weather conditions, altitude, and processing methods. In essence, each cup of specialty coffee may never be replicated.

Specialty coffee is a unique creation that involves an entire team, from the farmer to the barista. You can always discover comprehensive information about the product, including its place of cultivation: country, region, weather conditions, soil, and the farm. Harvest details, such as date and processing methods, are also available.

At Foundation, we take pride in our High Five specialty coffee lineup, consisting exclusively of the highest quality beans. Vibrant flavor profiles, intriguing combinations, and, of course, the finest Arabica varieties define High Five—an embodiment of Foundation Coffee Roasters' pride.

Foundation Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting service. We turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a special moment of enjoyment!

Every day we create delicious and unique coffee. We search for the best varieties for you and adhere to international roasting standards so that you can choose a drink for every taste. Our ambitious team works with every single coffee bean so that when you take a sip of the drink, you know for sure that it is Foundation coffee!

At first glance, you might think it's coffee. Tasty, fragrant, varied, with an interesting aftertaste... But not only. The highest value is people. Our philosophy is to unite people who love coffee. To create a special place where the world stops for a cup of coffee.

To make the most delicious coffee available to everyone. We share and offer our customers only what we like ourselves and are 100% confident in the quality of.

We offer impeccably high-quality products and service. We work for our customers as if they were ourselves. Every day we improve ourselves, feel the needs of people and current trends. Our goal is to create something more than just delicious coffee. To create a mood, positive emotions and a real culture of coffee drinking.

We take pride in being a part of your morning routine, ensuring that you start your day off right. Our coffee fuels your productivity throughout the day and creates cozy evenings spent with loved ones.

Coffee means Foundation!