Ethiopia Bule Hora 250 g

Ethiopia Bule Hora 250 g

Ethiopia Bule Hora 250 g

  • Red Apple
  • White Grape
  • Caramel
  • origin: Ethiopia
  • process: Natural
  • region: Guji
  • variety: Heirloom
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Ethiopia is widely recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Today, it stands as a recognized exporter in the global market, with connoisseurs considering Ethiopian Arabica among the finest.

Interestingly, the understanding of coffee as we know it today only emerged in the country in the 17th century. Ethiopians have long been aware of the invigorating properties of the berries and beans from the coffee tree. Legend has it that in the distant 10th century, a young shepherd named Kaldi noticed that goats would playfully indulge in red berries from a tree. Curious, he tasted the berry and experienced an incredible alertness. Monks learned about these peculiar berries and began consuming them almost daily. Monks experimented and eventually obtained a coffee beverage by cleaning and roasting the beans.

In Ethiopia, practically the entire population, over 15 million people, works on coffee plantations. The unique planting of coffee trees alongside banana palms provides protection against temperature fluctuations and offers shade.

Harvesting is done exclusively by hand. The dry processing method involves drying the beans on palm leaves under the open sun.

General characteristics of Ethiopian coffee:

  • Chocolate flavor
  • Fruity-floral aroma
  • Slight acidity

Ethiopian coffee is a 'bio' product—organic and ecologically pure, highly valued among coffee enthusiasts

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