Coffee Drips Colombia Monteblanco Passion Fruit 7 pcs x 12 g

Coffee Drips Colombia Monteblanco Passion Fruit 7 pcs x 12 g

Coffee Drips Colombia Monteblanco Passion Fruit 7 pcs x 12 g

  • Passion fruit
  • Mango
  • Tamarillo
  • origin: Colombia
  • process: Washed
  • region: Huila Guadalupe
  • variety: Colombia
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A coffee that can be described as embodying the taste of all the world's tropics. Pleasant fruitiness, moderate sweetness, and practically no bitterness.

The Monteblanco family estate is located in the municipality of Acevedo, near the Guacharos National Nature Park. It is managed by Colombian coffee farmer Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, who inherited the traditions from his grandfather.

The uniqueness of this coffee lies in the Maracuya fermentation process. A premix is created with lactic bacteria, sugar, wine yeast, and fresh mango. Fermentation lasts for 8 days, after which the mixture is added to the beans. The fermentation process takes 180 hours.

Taste profile: passion fruit, mango, tamarillo.

Tropical fruits dominate, with notes of red apple and fruit jam.


Colombia, often associated with emeralds and the narcotics trade, is, in fact, one of the leading giants in the coffee industry. Renowned worldwide, Colombian coffee is distinguished by its intriguing taste and high quality.

Initially considered a beverage for aristocrats, coffee in Colombia transformed into a true business for its residents. Additionally, Colombia's climate is ideal for coffee cultivation, featuring an equatorial zone, absence of frost, volcanic soil, and abundant Colombian sun, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Colombians plant coffee trees in the shade of taller plants, minimizing the need for intensive care. In 2011, UNESCO designated Colombia's Coffee Triangle as a World Heritage site.

Colombia exclusively cultivates Arabica, handpicking the beans but employing the 'wet' processing method for purification. Although this method is costly, coffee subjected to this process attains a higher class. This is why Colombian lots are highly prized worldwide.

General characteristics of Colombian coffee:

  • Moderate smoothness
  • Absence of bitterness
  • Tropical flavor notes
  • Hints of red berries
  • Sweet chocolate undertones

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